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A home purchase is a big decision and can stress out anyone. I have helped hundreds of people with their first, next, second or third home and there is a proven way that works best.

Buyers have to make many decisions from start to finish and when there is an unexpected turn nerves can fray quickly – all this while moving plans are being made. Not easy.

If the house is the right one, at the right price with financing that fits then don’t let it get away. I have owned many homes and built three and there is nothing like having your own home.

The 10 things to do:

  1. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage – You need to know what home price will best fit you financially. With this done you can search with confidence.
  2. Select an experienced loan consultant to get the pre-qualification. Call someone you trust for a recommendation. He or she should spend the time needed to answer all your questions and earn your trust. If that happens stay with him or her.
  3. Identify homes and neighborhoods in your price range – Most search online and it’s a great way to see homes in detail, learn about schools, transportation and commute, activities and more.
  4. Choose a Realtor – I have a real estate broker’s license so I could represent myself. I never would do this and neither should you. Go to an experienced, local realtor and get recommendations again from someone you trust. The best ones work very hard to get you the home you want and continue to do so right through closing.
  5. Know what to expect – I always give buyers a written guide on what to expect with the loan process. Getting a loan is not easy. It’s more about a “perfect loan file” than “are they qualified?” There are things to do and not to do to avoid delays or worse. A great realtor also will prepare you for what to expect.
  6. Be responsive – Send your loan person everything asked for, exactly and completely, right away. It is needed regardless of how silly or stupid it seems.
  7. Ask questions – There are a lot of moving parts and precise steps to getting a home legally yours with a loan attached. Ask questions to be sure you understand them and are making the right choices.
  8. Be available – By phone, email for questions and decisions. A vacation a few weeks before escrow closes is not a good idea. Keep your loan officer and realtor informed how to reach you.
  9. Breathe – You have the right house, loan officer and realtor so let them do their jobs.
  10. Enjoy – You have earned it. Enjoy your new home.
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