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ID Theft – Children, Too?


Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the US. It isn’t just someone buying tons of stuff at some stores, in some city, in some state you have never been. Happened to me, both daughters and my wife. How about you?

Here are some other ways you can fall victim:

Driver’s license – tickets, accidents, and more that you find out about when the CHP orders you out of your car and off to jail

Medical – Hospital and medical bills in your name that trashes your credit. Especially popular is Medicare fraud.

Social Security – Love the fact that SSA tells you to not keep your social security card with you but Medicare ID card is issued with your your SS #, cleverly disguised with an “A” after it.

Character/Criminal – Using your ID to hide behind you for criminal activities.

All kinds of scum are working hard to hack into Facebook accounts (600,000 attempts thwarted each day! – how many get through?)

Account information in the hundreds of millions is stolen/left open from companies, banks, and even the IRS, Veterans Administration and Sony Playstation!

What can you do to keep non-public, private information safe?

  •  www.annualcreditreport.com – Check your credit for free every four months by selecting each of the 3 credit bureaus in turn
  •  Check your children’s credit reports as well. Social security numbers for infants have been stolen and used to apply for credit
  •  Go over all credit card bills for accuracy
  •  Shred mail (cross-cut shredder)
  •  www.Identitytheft.com – learn all the “red flags” and how to protect yourself
  • http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/features/feature-0014-identity-theft – more information from the Federal Trade Commission
  •  IRS ID Theft – 800 908 4490 – Best is that you are assigned one person at IRS throughout the process. Explain only once.
  • SS Fraud – Report and get help at 800 269 0271
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